terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015

Horseshoe valley with the school

I went to horseshoe on Friday, February 6th 2015!!! It was so much fun because most of my friends were there. And my friends from my old school were there too, because they went skiing with there school. I cried a few times and I fell twice on some really steep hill.  My teacher even asked if I wanted to be a snowman.  I said no, but I agree I looked like a snowman because when I fell there was a blizzard so I was full of snow.

The snow was so fluffy I could barely even feel something when I fell (It did not hurt a bit). And when I ski I always think when if Im going to fall why I m going to fall and how much it will hurt If I fall.

We went there in a huge bus with little TVs and comfy seats. Are you wondering why go if you`re going to fall.

Well, for me the fun part is the suspense if you are going to fall or not, if  is it going to hurt or not. So I went for that and I went for fun. Going down the hill is really fun. I did have to pay about $60. It was a good deal to go ski especially in horseshoe valley.

I love skiing so much I convince my mom everyday to go skiing but it s always really cold

segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2015

My fluffy dog

I have a dog
He likes logs
His name is blue
He likes to poo
He likes you, too.

He always plays ball
With a doll
When he falls
He bites the wall.

 He ate a cake
And he loves to bake
Then he found a piece of a lake
And he  ate the lake.

And he got into a fight with the light
and he has a fright of the chair
But he never got his underwear

He wears no clothes
Because he is a dog!

The snowstorm

Today we had a snowstorm in Toronto. I had to skip school because of it!

 The storm was at night while I was in bed snoring (I don`t snore). Anyways, the storm made lots of snow. I think that it was about 10-20cm of snow. It was so fun BUT IT WAS NOT PACKING SNOW :( . That was sad because I like building snow men or snow forts.

Well,  you think this post is ending in a sad story!!! Well it's not, I think. Ok, just because I did not go to school doesn't mean I had fun. Well, I had fun but my fun was shoveling snow. So kids (I m a kid too but I m saying a fact)...
How I was saying: kids, when your mom or dad say you`re not going to school, it does not mean you'll have fun.  Remember that!!!!